Thinking Out Loud

This weekend we were so lucky to watch two wonderful people get married.  Our dear friends, Don and Katie, had a beautiful wedding in Napa, and we couldn't be happier for them.  We were both honored to be members of their bridal party and were touched that they would choose our artwork for their Save the Date.

(Ta da!)

With the weekend fast approaching, we often worried about whether or not we would be asked to make a speech, toasting the new Mr. & Mrs. Being the former event planner that I am, I had a little something planned...just in case.  So here's a little bit of what the guests would have heard:

What a beautiful wedding to celebrate two beautiful people!  Don and Katie are two of the most thoughtful and caring people I know and we have great memories with them. When Jason and I were moving up to San Francisco in 2012 they took us to brunch; it was the start of many great meals together, and they both know us so well.  They know that Jason and I love to do everything together as a couple, from working together to design their Save the Date, to having us both be members of their bridal party.  With that, I reflect upon the things that I know about them as a couple, aside from our shared love of food.  I remember the first time Don introduced me to Katie right after they returned from studying abroad in Siena.  If I remember correctly, Katie wore a Dior shirt and carried a Gucci handbag and I thought to myself, this girl likes really nice things.  And, when I think of Don, I think about how he's always looking for some really cool tool or gadget to improve his life...or his man cave.  So today, I think about how Katie has Don, who just might be the nicest guy in the world, and Don has Katie, the girl who will always be improving his life.  They were truly MFEO!  So, let us raise our glasses and toast to Don and Katie and being made for each other!


Happy New Year!

It's been about a year since we launched Telegraph Press and we're busier than ever before.

We've been blessed with so many requests for custom artwork, wedding suites, and personalized stationery!  Thank you to everyone who has reached out to us! We truly appreciate the love and support.

We haven't shared any updates in a while because we've been pretty busy with another pet-project!  In November we acquired the Blue Beagle Coffee Shop in Sonoma County, made the move and have been operating an independent roasters and bake shop.  It's been a busy few months and we hope our efforts are as meaningful to our guests, clients, partners, and friends, just as much as it is for us.

We sincerely hope you've had a great 2014 and invite you to look forward to the adventures we all have ahead this 2015!

And...if you're ever in the Bay Area and want to make a trip to Sonoma County, look us up.  We've got a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea waiting for you!

Cheers to 2015!


Beautiful Greetings

We are happy to announce that our "Hello Beautiful" card written in "lipstick" is now available for purchase and a portion of the profits will benefit the Beautiful Day Foundation!

As a former board member and their biggest supporters, we are always hoping to do our part in spreading the word about the great work the Beautiful Day Foundation is doing.

Earlier this year a childhood friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, prompting me to finally work on the artwork I had envisioned creating for three years.  I took "lipstick" to paper and made one of my favorite cards ever.  I loved painting the lipstick and digitally editing my hand lettering to create the "lipstick writing" effect.

We hope you'll find someone you can send this fun greeting to, while helping a great cause.   A portion of the sales will benefit the Beautiful Day Foundation's outreach efforts at high school and college campuses, as well as their "Beautiful Day on Us" program, sponsoring special events for young women who are survivors of or are currently battling breast cancer.

To donate directly to the Beautiful Day Foundation, visit their PayPal giving page here: Beautiful Day Donations.


Thanks in advance,


Hungry for Postage!

We're sending out snail mail all the time, so stamps are a big part of the process. Oh, and did we mention we consider ourselves epicures too? It's only fitting that we are anxiously awaiting the release of these new Chef stamps!

Photo Credit: Snapshot from

Photo Credit: Snapshot from

Our post office ran out of the Harry Potter ones and we're now using the Songbirds collection.  What stamps are you using?

Merci from Tahiti

It took us two years of being married before we went on our honeymoon.  For Jane's 30th birthday and to celebrate our anniversary, we thought it might be best to finally take our honeymoon and dream trip to French Polynesia.

The trip to Moorea and Bora Bora was a glimpse at paradise that we are so grateful we could take.  We are inspired by the clear waters we enjoyed every day of that trip (we swam until the very last minute possible before taking a ferry to catch our flight home), and the funny way we'd try to pronounce "Merci" to every local or French-speaking person we encountered.  We created this card to show gratitude for the environmental consciousness of the people of Tahiti and the Society Islands by trying to encapsulate on 5x7 inches the beauty of the waters and ecosystem of the aquatic wildlife they work so hard to preserve.

We hope you can show your gratitude with the simple beauty we hoped to create in this watercolor and silver foil card.

Smiling's My Favorite

Clockwise from TOP: Jason's attempt at being like Snoopy, Jaden by the giant model of Snoopy's red house, Mr. Schulz's desk, Snoopy sharing a cookie with Jane

Clockwise from TOP: Jason's attempt at being like Snoopy, Jaden by the giant model of Snoopy's red house, Mr. Schulz's desk, Snoopy sharing a cookie with Jane

This past spring we took a drive up to the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. We thought, what better way to spend an afternoon with our niece, Jaden, who loves to draw!

A portion of the upstairs area of the museum has been lovingly assembled to be a recreation of Mr. Schulz's office.  At the desk, near pens and markers, was a sign that read "Ici le sourire est de rigueur."  There's a book describing the intricate details of everything in the space and notes that this sign translated to, "Smiling is required here."  That's what Schulz sought to accomplish with his Peanuts comics, and what every day spent in his office should be like. I needed this at my desk!

First I visited Jean Marc at XOX Truffles, my go-to French translator, to confirm the meaning of the phrase, before I started my work.  In his amazing French accent, Jean Marc said, "Here, smiling is highly encouraged or suggested."  I figure, maybe he's being kind and doesn't want to use the word "required" because it sounds so restrictive.  After that, I took pen to paper, using the pen Jason bought for me at the museum, and practiced the calligraphy for the word "le sourire."  I'm happy with the way it turned out and I love the pen I used to create it.

As we grow our business and live our life together, smiling is an important part of everything we do.  In the words of Buddy the Elf, "Smiling's my favorite."  This card serves as a reminder that like Buddy's boss at Gimbels who yells, "Make work your favorite!" (c'mon, you know that part!) and Budy's exclamation of pride in smiling, there can be a happy marriage of work and happiness!

The sign now lives in a frame at our desk, where we work on Telegraph Press products, where Jason does his homework and online tests (though I highly doubt he's smiling too much during this), where I sometimes do my makeup before I leave the house, it really is a place where we can't escape the reminder of smiling throughout the day.

We recently gifted Jean Marc a framed version, now on display at XOX. Perhaps you can see the sign at XOX and greet Jean Marc with a "Bonjour!" if you're in San Francisco. Be sure to try our favorite truffles while you're at it: Earl Grey, Amaretto, Lavande de Provence, and Coconut!

We hope you find a way to display this as a reminder to smile wherever you may be, or send to someone you want to share a smile with!

xox, Jane

It’s Graduation Season!

This June our niece, Jamilynn, will be ending middle school and starting her freshman year in high school in the fall.  Where does the time go?! Either way, we’re proud of her and hope that this card we designed for her and the class of 2014 shows that we’re happy to celebrate this wonderful accomplishment!

We also sent this card to congratulate our Godson, Jacob, who just completed 2 years of catechism and received his First Holy Communion last weekend.  Another amazing kid that we’re grateful to have in our life!


Share your love for those you’re proud of today.  Use promo code: YAY14 at checkout for a 25% discount on the Congratulations card, and any other cards from our current collection, until June 20th, 2014. View our collection here: Products.


Discount code YAY14 must be entered at checkout and will not be applied to the cost of shipping.  Discount may be used on multiple orders within eligible timeframe while supplies last.  Cannot be combined with any other offers.  The dis count code will expire on June 20, 2014 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.  To prevent fraud or abuse, we reserve the right to discontinue or modify this offer.

Watercolor Wednesday

Our friends kindly gifted us a set of watercolor paints and this was an opportunity paint one of our favorite places in our neighborhood. XOX is a place for us to enjoy the sweet life of SF, chocolate truffles, chatting with the owner, Jean Marc, and sitting together with friends inside or outside sipping coffee.

Here's a very rough and amateur attempt at capturing the sweetness of this little spot we love.  


Hey Baby! Hey Girl! Hey Baby Girl!

We're going to be an Aunt and Uncle again! It's been 9 years since we had a baby to go goo-goo-ga-ga over and once again, it's a girl!

Being Auntie Jane and Uncle Jason, we're doing our obligatory designing and printing, and this is our contribution to the baby shower.  


We won't be able to make it to the event but we're hoping to meet this Baby Girl around the same time Jamilynn, the first Baby Girl niece in our family, graduates from middle school. We know we can't plan when the baby will grace us with her presence, but we're gonna just put that out in the universe.

*Fingers are crossed*

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our Anteater Love Story (originally shared for

Rewind to 1999:  The first time we laid eyes on each other I was 17 and Jason was 18, a first-year and a second-year, taking the same series of classes but never ever speaking to one another.  That same year Jason was also in the same class with friends from my hall and his codename was “Green Backpack.”  We never knew it, but we knew a lot of the same people, yet never met. 

Fast forward to 2002: I took a part-time job off-campus and was introduced to Jason, the guy that’s been working at the office for three years.  I remember thinking, the cutest guy in our office has a girlfriend, how typical.  He remembers thinking, this girl does not look friendly at all.  Despite the second-round at first-impressions, we both ended up becoming pretty good friends.  When fall quarter began, we passed each other every Thursday on the bridge linking Humanities and Drama, he, on his way to class from the Bren parking garage; me, on my way to my car to drive home for the day.  He, wearing a business-casual outfit coming from work; me, wearing my ugliest sweats ready for a nap or a study session.  It was symbolic of our relationship in college, our paths always crossing but never going in the same direction. 

Holiday Party / Officially a couple event, 2004

Holiday Party / Officially a couple event, 2004

Fast forward to 2004: I had spent part of my summer in Spain I moved back to San Diego and Jason had just spent his summer moving from LA to San Diego.  After our mutual friend mentioned that Jason had moved I sent him an IM to let him know that I was in San Diego now too and was happy to show him around.  We bonded over the Summer Olympics, I used my truck to help him pick up furniture from Ikea to his new apartment and we were officially a couple, starting to move in the same direction.

Engagement Photo at Disneyland

Engagement Photo at Disneyland

After five years of dating Jason proposed to me. Our friends revealed to us the secret name they gave him of "Green Backpack."  We had a destination wedding in Hawaii and now I’m Mrs. Green Backpack!  We’ve been married four years and have moved three times.  We currently live in San Francisco...and I have a feeling we’ll be moving again.  What matters most to us now is that we’re continuing on our journey, and whatever the path might look like, we’re going on it together.

Hawaii, 2010

Hawaii, 2010